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Digital Marketing

Master the art of Digital Marketing.

By taking the Atech course, you will gain real-world knowledge of digital marketing and start your career in Hi-tech right away. You’ll learn how to dominate digital marketing, how to use AI tools, and how to hack social media.

Here's what you'll learn:

Digital Marketing Strategy and UA Basics
You will acquire the skills and learn how to be at your best in a technological environment
Driving User Growth
Discover the role of creativity and strategy thinking in capturing user attention
AI in Marketing
Utilize AI tools and technologies to improve marketing efforts across multiple areas and channels
PPC Mastery

Learn how Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising can rapidly increase Digital Marketing

*No tech or marketing experience needed. You will learn everything you need to know.

We guarantee 100% internship placement!
We will find you an internship after you complete the program.

Opening date


Professional training of 4 months

2 days a week
Monday & Wednesday

Online & offline hybrid classes

This program is mostly online, with a class meeting once a month

Session in English & Hebrew

In addition to Hebrew training, part of the practice will also be in English

Why A-tech

A-tech is the best choice for academy grads looking to start a career in tech, thanks to its comprehensive curriculum.
Graduates of our program have tripled their salaries!


Changes may be made throughout the program

Digital Marketing Basics
Learn how user acquisition strategies fit into an overall digital marketing strategy. Analyze customer journeys, different digital channels, cost models, and how analytics can be used to optimize acquisition strategies.
SEO Essentials
Learn how SEO plays a role in user acquisition. Become proficient at keyword research, on-page/off-page optimization, and link building. Grasp how local SEO can help acquire users based on geographical locations.
AI in Marketing
Explore the profound impact of AI on user acquisition. Learn how AI impacts content creation, distribution, personalization, and engagement, leading to more effective user targeting and acquisition.
PPC Mastery
Learn how Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising can rapidly increase user acquisition. Understand the creation of effective ads, landing page optimization, and strategies to measure and optimize campaign performance for maximum user reach.
Google Analytics
Understand how to leverage Google Analytics in your user acquisition strategy. Learn to set up and interpret the data, track user acquisition goals, and analyze user traffic for effective decision-making.
Creativity in Marketing
Discover the role of creativity in capturing user attention. Explore creative brainstorming techniques, design principles, and how compelling visuals can enhance user interest and acquisition.
Facebook & Instagram Marketing
Learn to utilize Facebook and Instagram for user acquisition. Develop engaging content strategies, understand audience targeting, and build effective campaigns that acquire and retain users.
TikTok Marketing Workshop
Understand how to leverage the fast-growing platform TikTok for user acquisition. Learn about TikTok's unique user base, create engaging content, use TikTok Ads effectively, and analyze performance for continuous improvement.
Email Marketing
Master email marketing as a powerful user acquisition tool. Learn to create engaging emails, effectively segment your audience, automate processes, and analyze your campaign performance for user engagement and conversion.
LinkedIn Marketing
Discover LinkedIn's capabilities as a potent B2B user acquisition and personal branding platform. Learn to create engaging professional content, build a strong network, and influence your industry to attract and acquire users.

Opening date


5 months of professional training

2 days a week

Online & offline hybrid classes

This program is mostly online, with a class meeting once a month

Session in English & Hebrew

In addition to Hebrew training, part of the practice will also be in English


Changes may be made throughout the program

Tech onboarding
In order to launch a career in hi-tech, you need to understand the language and the culture. You need to be professional, while also being adaptable. In this course, you will acquire the skills and learn how to be at your best in a technological environment - think differently about the world of employment, gain data related skills, and understand different working methods, terms, and concepts
Learn to master the Structured Query Language, broadly used to query data which is stored in various rational DBs
Analyst Full Cycle
Understand the working process of Data Analyst and learn different methods and best practices used in each working phase
Power BI
Learn to master a leading Data visualization tool, which enables to execute complex data analysis and make it available as dashboards and reports for business users
Data visualization & storytelling
Practice your ability to pass on your message using data and learn how to make it simple, clear and accurate
Final Project
Demonstrating an end to end data analysis work and builds a solid experience to be used in future interviews
Professional Interview Simulations
Senior Data Analysts from various organizations, will simulate professional interviews and provide feedback at the end

Integrate data language into daily business

Use analytical tools to analyze business data

Leverage data insights to make business decisions

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Why Digital Marketing?

In the digital age, Digital Marketing is the lifeblood of any user-centric business. As more and more businesses pivot towards online platforms, the demand for professionals who can effectively attract, convert, and retain users is growing exponentially. By specializing in Digital Marketing, you're positioning yourself in a crucial role within any digital business model. This course equips you with skills directly linked to driving business growth, making you a valuable asset in the job market. By mastering Digital Marketing, you're not just advancing your career, you're also entering a field that has a direct impact on businesses' success in the digital landscape.

What practical skills will I gain from the course?

The course will equip you with skills such as: understanding Digital Marketing strategies, mastering SEO, leveraging AI in marketing, creating and optimizing PPC campaigns, utilizing Google Analytics, employing creativity in marketing, and harnessing various social media platforms for Digital Marketing.

Will I really be able to find a job as a Digital Marketing Managers at the end of the program?

Digital Marketing skills are in high demand thanks to digitalization. Completing this course enhances your employability for roles like Digital Marketing Managers. In addition to other factors, this course teaches you in-demand skills, aligning your career with digital marketing's thriving economy.

I’m already working as a Digital Marketing Manager. Can I still apply?

This course is primarily designed for individuals seeking to break into this field or strengthen their foundations, but you are welcome to apply. Depending on your experience as a Digital Marketing Manager, you might already know some of the basics of the course.


Who is the program for?

If you are from the Arab community, have a 1st degree or higher, high-level Hebrew  and are motivated to enter the high-tech field - then it sounds like you should apply! Make sure you are able to commit to studying twice a week in the afternoon-evening.

What is the application process?

Our application process is all online and includes several steps: a registration form on our website, a technical task & introduction video, an evaluation center  and a personal interview.

What are the program requirements?

The course will run twice a week in the afternoon-evening and will require full attendance. The course is demanding, you must be fully motivated to take part in the process, participate in lessons  and prepare homework assignments.

Why should I pick A-tech compared to other programs available?

A-tech will give you the practical skills and knowledge you need to enter the constantly changing High Tech industry. The program is free of charge and we do everything we can to find out graduates a job with good conditions.

Why Data Analysis?

Many define the current time as the beginning of the Data era and call data "the new gold". There is no doubt that data is becoming a key tool in the growth of any organization  and therefore data analysis is the place to be!

What practical skills will I gain from the course?

Besides learning the basic tools used by a data analyst, you will acquire the knowledge and working methods of those involved in the profession and come out with new ways of thinking - more analytical, more critical and more based on numbers.

Will I really be able to find a job as a Data Analyst at the end of the program?

We are in constant communication with organizations to stay up-to-date with their needs  and there is no doubt that the industry has a severe shortage of data people.  We built our training to provide you with the knowledge and experience required to pass interviews and enter the fields of Data Analysis and Business Analysis.

I’m already working as a Data Analyst, can I still apply?

No, the course is only for those who wish to enter the Data Analysis field.