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DevOps Engineer

Kick-start your career as a DevOps engineer. Learn how to thrive in the software development industry through our hands-on DevOps program.

We guarantee 100% internship placement!
We will find you an internship after you complete the program.

Opening date


8 Months
Of Professional Training

2 days a week
Tuesday & Thursday

Online & offline
hybrid classes

This program is mostly online, with an in-person session once a month

Session in
English & Hebrew

In addition to Hebrew training, part of the practice will also be in English

Why A-tech

A-tech is the best choice for academy grads looking to start a career in tech, thanks to its comprehensive curriculum.
Graduates of our program have tripled their salaries!


Changes may be made throughout the program

Tech onboarding
In order to launch a career in hi-tech, you need to understand the language and the culture. You need to be professional, while also being adaptable. In this course, you will acquire the skills and learn how to be at your best in a technological environment - think differently about the world of employment, gain data related skills, and understand different working methods, terms, and concepts

SSH, Bash, User Management, Packages, Security, File System


Basic programming, OOP, Working with Servers, DRY, pip

Source Control

Git, Github, Versioning, Branching, Pull Requests

Virtualization & Cloud Infrastructure

Overview of leading virtualization tools, VDI, VMs, SaaS, Challenges, Image Management, etc

AWS, Cloud

Creating Servers, Managing/Scaling Servers, Security, Permissions, Overview of major cloud platforms (Google, Azure, AWS), Performance

Configuration Management

Ansible, CMDB, Information Assurance, Maintenance

CI/CD & Automation

Overview of leading tools, Build Processes, Deployment, Working with Tests (Unit, Integration, etc), Pipelines, Workflows

Binary Repositories

Artifactory, Nexus, Availability, Dealing with load bursts, Replicating repositories


Docker, Advantages, VM comparison, Components, CLI, Working with Jenkins, Volumes


Overview of Kubernetes, Consolidated Workflow


Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana (dashboards, metrics)

Mastery of DevOps Tools and Technologies

Ability to Automate Infrastructure and Processes

Problem-solving and troubleshooting of development process and software applications
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How do I know if I’m the right fit for the program?
If you are from the Arab community, have a 1st degree or higher, high-level Hebrew and are motivated to enter the high-tech field - then it sounds like you should apply! Make sure you are able to commit to a full-time program, 2 days a week, 16:00-20:00.
What is the application process?

Our application process is all online and includes several steps: a registration form on our website, a technical task & introduction video, an evaluation center and a personal interview.

What are the program requirements?

The course will run in a “full-time” format, Sunday to Thursday, from 9:00-17:00 and will require full attendance.
The course is demanding, so you must be fully motivated to take part in the process, participate in lessons and prepare homework assignments.

Why should I pick A-tech compared to other programs available?

A-tech will give you the practical skills and knowledge you need to enter the constantly changing high tech industry. The program is free of charge and we do everything we can to find out graduates a job.

Why DevOps?

DevOps is a growing field in software development organizations. Organizations are constantly adopting DevOps practices which increases the demand for DevOps engineers. As a DevOps engineer you own the development lifecycle (responsible for the release, deploy, operation and monitoring of production software applications). This means high collaboration with different functions in the organization (e.g. developers, QA engineers, project managers, product managers and more) which results in a high and central visibility in the organization. DevOps encourages innovation with automating process and working with state of the art cloud services. This ensures you will always be in the front of new technologies.

What practical skills will I gain from the course?

The course will help you enter the DevOps field. The main skills you learn in the course are: Linux operating system, Python programming language, Networking and Security, Virtualization, Containers (Docker) and Orchestration (Kubernetes), CI/CD, Monitoring and Alerting. Everything will be backed-up with real life hands-on projects. In addition to these technical skills, you will also gain soft skills that will help you elevate your networking, CV  and interview abilities and ultimately find your first job! 

Will I really be able to find a DevOps position at the end of the program?

Of course! DevOps is a field that is constantly growing and with it the demand in the market. Our program was created with exactly this goal in mind - to help you enter your first role as a DevOps engineer.

I’m already working as a DevOps engineer, can I still apply?

No, the course is only for those who wish to enter the DevOps field.