A Tech Partnership

Social Inequality of Arabs in Israel

In recent decades, high-tech has played a significant role in the Israeli economy’s growth.Arab participation in high-tech, however, presents a very troubling picture.Various education frameworks contribute to the low representation of Arab employees in the high-tech sector.
Arab in High Tech

320,000 Israelis (Jews) in High-Tech

6,400 Arab Employees in High Tech = 2.1%
Only ~1% in Technology-related positions

Total Population in Israel

9.2 M Citizens in Israel

73% Jews
21% Arabs
*According to government data , BOI research

To connect Israeli-Arabs and the High-Tech ecosystem

It is our objective to allow you, to prosper financially and socially by taking on lucrative tech jobs. In order to reach these goals, we believe that the first step is ensuring the Israeli- Arabs have access to quality mentorship and development. A Tech was created to address this need. Free ‘A Class’ High-Tech education for Arabs in Israel.
Atidna was founded in 2018 in order to address the Arab challenge: integrating Arabs into Israeli society.  The vision of Atidna is for a Jewish-Arab partnership based on mutual respect and full civil equality in the state of Israel as a Jewish democratic state. Strong Arab community in Israel, proud of its culture and heritage. The A Tech program started in 2020 as a training partnership between Atidna and Elevation, based on Elevation’s experience training and placing juniors in high-tech industries.
Elevation is Israel’s leading training company in high-tech fields. The company operates academies for various companies and entities, and trains employees and candidates in the fields of R&D, data, product, marketing, sales, recruitment, and more. Among other things, the company has built a unique training model called an “occupational accelerator”, which trains people who do not have a background in high-tech through learning the language of high-tech, providing professional training, and connecting them with potential employers.

The Israeli Innovation Authority’s vision is to establish Israel as a global leader in innovation and entrepreneurship, and to frequently grow innovation-driven companies that provide extensive, highly productive employment across all regions and population groups.
Many training and placement programs have been designated for the Arab sector by the Innovation Authority.
Atidna and Elevation won the current call to tender. The call aims to expand the models and programs for training and integrating STEM and other tech-adjacent subjects into the tech sector.